Sky Will Shed A Tear

by Season Of Death

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released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Season Of Death Ukraine

Band was formed in Kharkiv (Ukraine) in the end of 2014 by songwriter and vocalist Roman Styopin. Debut EP album "Sky Will Shed A Tear" was released in March 2015.

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Track Name: Sky Will Shed A Tear
Sky will shed a tear

Darkness embracing me
Death is whispering
Memory awakes
Smell of flash teasing tongue
Misery created us justifying pain
I will have you
Whatever it takes

I feel you are tempted
Don’t turn your head
Lie down and liberate

Sky will shed a tear

Breath so heavy
Blood stained lips
Wrath overtaking
Hateful names on your mind
Beast is getting stronger
Squeeze my hand dead and cold
Look at chains
Controlling you

Fall asleep covered in dark
Nightmares of past vanishing now
Wait till the morning shall carry away
Leave the curse on shoulders of strong
Track Name: Take My Hope Away
Tonight one hundred graves shall be done
I thought it was your wish
The words were full of fear and sympathy
Let go regret – it hurts enough

Descend the steps enjoy this solemn ball
And share the dance, allow me be the first
We take a bow and slowly spinning around
Immortal sinners of the night

Make them all pray to the gods
Rise the flame higher than stars

You said that I was wrong
But were was your response?
And everything is gone
Why aint you smiling now?

You put the faith in me
So take it all away
Despite the things were done
Pretend you don’t know why

Take my hope away
Let me fall apart
Heart in burning down
Take my hope away
Track Name: As Long As You Fall
Long time ago
You build this fragile world
Like an overlord
You love the way it burns

Silk wall of heavy rain
The drops are weapons
Like a knife
They keep the king
Invincible until the dark

Take his crown (x4)

And now
Your time is running low
Cuz my filthy shadows
Will reign it all
No need
In the bloody throne
As long as you fall

As long as you fall (x4)

I will scatter all memories about you
Coat of arms and the nameless kingdom turn to ash
Your kin will see how everything is turning flame

No mercy! Crucify!
Track Name: Damned Promise
Trough the frozen desert
I’m coming to keep the damned promise you made me to give
Where only demonic creatures live
And scarlet clouds running far

All guards are dead
I will keep the promise
Cell is open
I found their dwelling place
And hidden way
Bring death!
Make the feast!

In my arms – starving blades
In your eyes – sick revenge

Blood of innocent pour down the chest
Flesh of enemies in iron claws
In the center of the massacre
Your tender gratitude
Bribing me
Track Name: Moth
In the dusk
I see your perfect shape
Untouched and motionless

Sirens are singing on the shore
For a lost dead rose

One day you’ve got to burn like a moth
Embers of solace
Entwining with delight
For desire for you
Red veil now reflection left behind
In memory I’ll never find

It was your last fantasy
Stuck between the worlds
Feel eternity

From the depth of time
The legend arises
When the touch awakes